ahhh gosh this might be really greedy of me and you might say no but i was wondering if you could put the "prosecution rests" print as a shirt? i'd love to wear it!! if not that's okay and i'm sorry for wasting your time. i hope you have a good day! and your art is great!

you’re not being greedy at all!! 

i will absolutely do that!

it’ll just take a bit because the image looks gray on the sample shirt when i upload it?? so i need to play around with that but i will let you know when it’s done :-)

you have a good day too!! thank you very much

thatfruitcake replied to your photo: “i miss my dog :’-(”:
Awwww ;w; Dogs are the best it’s so hard when they’re not around.

mmmmmmm i know i’m having such a hard time without my baby kase

stickfigurefairytales replied to your post: i miss my dog :’-(

*hugs* I remember how much I missed my dog when I went off to college. It sucks. :(


the worst part is when i  have a sucky day and i come back to the room but it’s like…. oh right no fluff to cuddle i guess i’ll just sit here. dog-less :””’-(

i miss my dog :’-(


Anonymous said:

i would love to hear you do this comic: karlydoodlesenough(.)tumblr(.)com/post/75168621358 (also, congrats on 30,000 followers!)


Man, I could use a copy of that book.

Original comic by karlydoodlesenough (read along through the link)



hey buckaroos!!

it would mean a lot if you helped me out and commissioned me

Something like this: 



$5- $10*

and something like this:



$20- $35*

* it could be either price/ somewhere in between depending on how complex you want it prices not listed by character; estimates given based on the complexity of what you want)

the only stuff i won’t do is nsfw mainly because i’m not good at it

i can do ocs, any fandom, i can try gore, i’ll even do (reasonable length) comics but please message me for details, specifics, general questions, etc or you can email me  at karlydoodlesenough@gmail.com 



[shrieking] loook at the awesome pics that I commissioned from karlydoodlesenough !!!

These scenes are from an upcoming klapollo fic that I am writing.

It’s awesome because i unconsciously gave her three scenes from three parts of their relationship, and boy did she deliver!!!:
1. Hungover bros/maybe there’s something there 2. Kinda sorta dating 3. Yup, they’re together and have been “doing the do”, lol!

So incredibly happy with these!! Thank you karlydoodlesenough !!!!

A long time ago when I was 14 I used to follow my crush in the hallway. He used to not remember my name and call me different things every time we ran into each other. Now we've been together for close to 9 years and have a 4 year old son together.

!!! omg that’s great i’m so happy for you

alright my crush i actually really didn't like, i thought he was full of himself and kind of a show off, then we took some classes together we worked together and i realized he was actually a big cute goofball...he's still pretty full of himself though

mmmm i feel you i’ve had one of those

maybe he’ll get better with time :-) 

I developed a raging crush on my best friend and denied it for ages because I thought I was straight. We're engaged now.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay same

good for you!!! congrats ;-)